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2007 Winter Scientific Meeting

The 38th Winter Scientific Meeting of ICD Japan Section was held in the " Chiwaki memorial hall" of the Tokyo Dental College in Tokyo on February 17th. Since it was Sunday, the hall was full from early morning on. There were about 180 participants.
The theme of this year was " Analysis and treatment of difficult cases in endodontics - long-term preservation in the treatment of teeth". Lecturers were Drs. Tsuyoshi Saito, Noboru Inoue, Yoshiro Shoji and Jun Hirai were invited and gave excellent lectures, all of them were fellows of ICD and very famous in the dental field. The contents of the lectures were considering the endodontics to be the basis of dentistry and the dental treatment clinically. About how to treat pain and incompatibility of patients, every lecturer reported treatment methods and showed good cases. The author felt there was a big world in the thinned root canal in the each tooth.

They were really useful lectures and every participant spent very impressive day.

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